Domaine access

How access to the domain

For the navigation system: Rue du RIDOUX, 08320 Vireux-Wallerand, France

When you arrive in Givet (France)

  1. Direction charleville-Mezières//( Vireux-Molhain)
  2. From Givet about 12km and then you arrive in VIREUX-MOLHAIN
  3. In Vireux – Molhain you will have to cross the bridge (left) towards VIREUX-WALLERAND.
  4. After the bridge you have to follow the road which turns right.
    At your right side you will see the pharmacy.
    At your left side you see the church
  5. From the church you drive 300m (up direction Hargnies)
  6. THEN you turn right – there is a traffic circle (you will see little signs : “piscine; Francotte…”)
    you turn into the street named “rue 8 mai
  7. Follow that road till the end- “rue du Ridoux
  8. Then you’ll see the “MEUSE” = big river in front of you. There you have to turn LEFT
  9. There is a road sign “”forbidden for cars”” But this is our private road. After 3km you will see a white castle = big house.

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