Why not renting a castle or cottage in the heart of the Ardennes ?

The property is situated in a private valley of a town called Vireux-Wallerand. Surrounded by the forest at the bank of the river “La Meuse” the castle kept al his charm and authenticity.

Return back in time and awake in the middle of nature on this magically spot.

On the property, different annexes are renovated into separated cottages. Rent a beautiful castle for your holiday or stay in one of the well renovated former houses of the working-class.
The property is situated on the green track “Voie Verte Trans Ardennes” But there are also tennis, kayak, horse riding, fishing in the big river & different ponds, hiking, cycling and many more possibilities.

We had a lovely, relaxing stay in one of your cottages. Autumnal bliss, walking on the forest and sitting in front of the wood fire. ...

Colin Govett