The tourist sites, sights and activities.

Treat yourself to a welcome break of relaxation, a taste of freedom in harmony with nature in the French Ardennes. Discover our culture, crafts and gastronomic richness.

The tourist office “Val d’Ardenne”

Only at 5km from the property “chateau le Risdoux”

For more information you can contact :

Or 0033(0)810 810 975

Le parc terr’altitude de Fumay

Looking for adventure :

Aventure – Evasion

Sports and leisure avec a guide, also team-building. (Big and small groups).

Voie vert Trans –Ardennes

Walking, with bike, horse-ride even with rollerblades the flat cycling road “voi verte” allows you to discover more than 80km outstanding landscapes along the entire length of the river “La meuse”. A well-marked, secure and unbroken green track from Givet-Charleville-Mézières.

walking :

day : free (without guide), circulation good indicated – with theme and guide:15euro

night: 20euro ( shivering insured)

Mountain biking

400kms of paths / 22 circuits

Renting nearby 13€ /half day, 18€ /day

Climbing (beginning and experienced climbers)

for more information:

Swimming Centre aqualudique Givet and a swimming pool in Vireux-Wallerand.

!!!bathing suit obligatory, no pants but swimming trunks for the boys.

- espace aquatique -Espace Forme-Bien être

- Bowling – Caféteria -Espace Enfants

Discover the valley of the « Meuse » by boat

- Rent an electric boat in Haybes, Vireux,….5-7 persons! No lices needed!

- With a big boat Hastières- Givet –Dinant.

Visit the fortress of Charlemont in Givet with guide : 5euro

Paragliding .

Fishing on the « Meuse »

License for one day: 10euro

For more information:Fédération pour la pêche au 0(033)324 56 41 32

Horse riding

- 14h-18h « Poney club » of Vireux-Wallerand

- Centre equestre « La neuville aux Haies »de Les Hautes rivieres


Renting Canoe/Kayak on the valley of the “Meuse & Semoy “


- La grotte de Nichet –Givet

- La grotte Neptune – Couvin

More to be discovered

The town of Charleville-Mézières

Rimbaud museum ; »maison des Ailleurs » « Ardennes museum », the puppets…

for more information:

The town Sedan

The castle of Sedan an dits high ramparts, the castle of Bouillon…

For more information :


You will find a camp of the Romans, collégiale Saint-Ermel, beautiful viewing points,….