Groups & Companies

Event and group accommodations

In the middle of a beautiful natural environment, is Chateau Le Risdoux the ideal location for groups, associations and companies.

There are 60 sleeps but you can organize gatherings from 20-200 persons. It’s capacity and the ideal geographical position makes the property “Le Risdoux” the perfect location for your seminaries, team-building activities and other events.

Teambuilding: Improving the team spirit of your company

evenement groupes -team-buildingIt’s proved today that team buildings will increase the productivity of your company.

With teambuilding activities, you improve not only the bounding between your employees but they are more motivated to come to work because you reward them extra for their effort with an extraordinary experience, that they will not easily forget…

Group staying’s: share the nature & and fellowship

chateau le risdoux - groupesTake advantage of the extensive space, in and outside, that the property offers you for your gathering.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, recharge your batteries in a rustic and refined environment.
Seminaries, trips with your club, sportive and hobbyists, we help you to realize your program so you can enjoy maximum of your staying.