The property

Welcome on the property “Domaine Le Risdoux”

Cottages and Castle le Risdoux - French ArdennesAt the bank of the river “La Meuse”, about 15km from the Belgium border. The property extends over a valley of 7ha, surrounded by 1000ha of forest. The only access is a private road, a towpath of 3km, only for our clients.

The property is very old and in the papers we can find that in 1789 there where living 11 persons. The probably lived like in an independent community. They build an ingenious system of water water-mills of which you can still see the ponds and canals.

On the end of the 17the century there was a tannery and saw-mill build. So we can say that the domain had a very important local economic activity and the small community got bigger.

Between the two wars it served as a second residence. As an important owner we can mention the Belgium king Leopold II who bought it for his mistress.

An authentic context

Amateurs of relaxation, sports, benefit from this unique location. Enjoy the legendary valley of the Meuse with all his possibilities. The domain consists of different buildings and pollution & traffic jams are here far away.

Relax and enjoy of the different colors of each season.

Unique fauna and flora, flowers, herbs and old trees…..and when you are patient you can also observe some deer’s, wild boars, a badger, a fox …ducks.

Your vacation at your own tempo

The castle and cottages will provide you all comfort and equipment needed for a pleasant stay.

You can relax or choose betwen the different activities that the property offers you like tennis, badminton, ping pong, fishing, pétanque (bring you own material). Besides that you can also try out the many walk and mountain bike roads with starting point on the property. Not to forget is the “voie verte” a flat cycling road located on the towpath that follows the river “La Meuse”.

Even your horse can enjoy a fantastic holiday, we have boxes and grassland available.

Live around the domain

The valley offers you many active possibilities like canoeing, kayak, equitation but also tourist activities: historical places, caves, museums or why not discover the valley by boat trip.

For more information consult our page activity’s and Tourism.